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Are you a beauty or wellness business owner and would like to fill in your least busy time slots and attract new clients?


Then get in touch with us and find out how to sign your business up for free!

Glam Savvy is a digital marketing platform exclusively focused on the beauty and wellness industry that promotes its partner beauty and wellness clinics to a large, qualified database of beauty lovers online, leveraging your least busy time slots with a special deal.


Our platform will help your business to effortlessly fill your off-peak time slots, attract new clients and amplify your online presence.


We outline below the reasons why you should join Glam Savvy:

  • IT'S FREE: we don't charge you for being part of Glam Savvy. There’s no commission or sign-up fees. 

  • NO CONTRACTS: you can offer Glam Savvy deals as you want. Use it just over quiet periods, or all the time! You have the flexibility to block out dates when you're busy.

  • NEW CLIENTS: Glam Savvy attracts new clients! You also have the chance to upsell full price services and products.

  • FREE ONLINE MARKETING: we create a powerful online presence for your beauty clinic, email clients regular updates and increase your social media following through paid media and influencer outreach.

How does it work?

  • You decide which services and time slots you would like to offer;

  • We list those on our website and the client books your service with a 50% discount;

  • You get an email with the booking confirmation and the client's contact details;

  • Clients can only book 7 days ahead;

  • Clients pay the service directly to you on the day and we don't charge you any commissions on that.

  • The discount applies for one specific service and if the client chooses to include other services or products, they will pay you full price for that.

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