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Our Story

The "modern fairy tale" below is the story of my life and the beginning of Glam Savvy.


I hope you enjoy all the amazing deals you will find on my website and that during your pampering session with one of our talented beauty therapists, you feel inspired to tackle any adversities you might be experiencing and turn it into a great opportunity!

Be glamorous. Be savvy. Be Glam Savvy!

Susana Tamega

Glam Savvy Founder

"Once upon a time,

there was a Brazilian doctor who went to Queenstown on a girls' trip, met a Kiwi guy at a pub, fell in love and decided to move to New Zealand to be with him.

That move came with a career change, and although that was thrilling, it also meant no regular income for that time being. 

Needless to say, that keeping up with all the beauty treatments she always loved to do became harder and now, more than ever, finding deals on spas and beauty clinics became vital for her to keep being a glamorous girl!

One day, she thought to herself, "How good would it be if there was a website where I could book and have access to all the deals in my city?"


When she looked for it, she was disappointed to find out that such a website did not exist, but she was also excited to realise that there was a great business opportunity there!

For a long time, that remained just as a thought, because she had no technical knowledge, no funds or the time needed to go ahead with her business idea but then the Covid-19 health crisis happened...


Those were scary times and although it didn't change the fact that she didn't know how to properly code a website or that she had no money to invest into that, due to the rules of the lockdown, she ended up having a lot of time to finally focus on her project.

She used that time to work hard on her business plan and that's how Glam Savvy was born!"

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