Glam Savvy's favourite hair salons in Auckland 💇‍♀️

We all wish to have fabulous hair, right? And for that to happen, we need to choose our hairdresser correctly, because that professional will be the one who will look after one of our most precious assets: our hair!

Choosing a beauty salon is not the easiest task... Besides the quality and variety of services offered, other factors play a part in this decision, such as the experience of the professionals, flexibility and availability, environment, good service and even the location.

To make your life easier, we have made a list of our favourite hair salons in Auckland, divided by location, highlighting the particularities of each one and specifying which services they offer at a 50% discount through Glam Savvy 👑🤩

1. Eden Terrace: Marcelo & Co. Hair Design

If you're looking for a hair salon where you can be pampered in a relaxing atmosphere while having the confidence that you are getting your hair done by a specialised senior stylist, then Marcelo & Co Hair Design is the place for you!

They have allocated parking spaces for the clients, which we all know is a very important added bonus in Auckland!

Their highly-skilled Hair Stylists cover all aspects of modern hairdressing with a creative vision and talent to deliver the best.

Marcelo & Co will help you to boost your confidence through their expert and personalised advice.

You can buy amazing hair products directly from Marcelo & Co's website and they offer free delivery if your purchase exceeds $ 100.

There are 3 deals available through Glam Savvy at Marcelo & Co. Hair Design: Haircut + Blow-dry , Hair Colour service for short hair and the Half-head foils .

2. Newmarket: HairBrazil

HairBrazil is a specialist in Brazilian and Latin-American hair types.

They are proud to offer Straightening, Brazilian Keratin, and Botox hair treatment.

Their highly-skilled hairdresser will make all of your hair dreams come true.

HairBrazil signature's hair treatment is the Illuminated Brunette or "Morena Iluminada", which is a sun-kissed look for brown hair, giving the hair a lightened boost without having to go blonde or using harsh highlights.

There are 3 deals available through Glam Savvy at HairBrazil: Illuminated Brunette for long-length hair at HairBrazil , Illuminated Brunette for medium-length hair at HairBrazil and the Illuminated Brunette for short-length hair at HairBrazil .

3. Parnell: London Salon

London Salon Parnell is focused on the needs of the clients to create the best possible results for you.

They offer a wide range of cut, colour and hair care services and their staff are trained to listen carefully and blend your needs with their in-depth knowledge and skills.

There are 5 deals available through Glam Savvy at London Salon: Half-head foils + Basin Treatment , Keratin Smoothing Treatment for extra thick long hair , Keratin Smoothing Treatment for long hair , Keratin Smoothing Treatment for shoulder-length hair and the Keratin Smoothing Treatment for short hair .

4. Hillsborough: Infusion Skin Body Hair & Nails

Infusion Skin Body Hair & Nails is a collective of talented stylists and colourists who share the common vision of creating beautiful, wearable hair for their clients.

They place the highest importance on their technical expertise, integrity and fashion industry knowledge to give you the most flattering, manageable and healthy hair possible.

Infusion's team is fully committed to making sure you enjoy your entire experience at Infusion and that you’re always well looked after.

There are 3 deals available through Glam Savvy at Infusion Skin Body Hair & Nails: Full-head Foils + Keratin Treatment , Full-head Foils + Protein Treatment and the Keratin Treatment at Infusion .

5. Browns Bay: Hair Workshop

Hair Workshop is the number 1 ranked and reviewed women’s hair salon/hairdresser in Browns Bay.

Hair Workshop Browns Bay is committed to creating hair that is simply beautiful and elegant together.

They are devoted to the best trends in professional hair care and they believe in bringing out the true natural beauty within.

There are 6 deals available through Glam Savvy at Hair Workshop: Full-head foils for long hair , Full-head foils for short and medium hair , Half-head foils for long hair , Half-head foils for short and medium hair , Full-Colour service for long hair and the Full-colour service for short and medium hair .

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