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Jade rollers: the tool that conquered skincare lovers and changed the beauty world

Hey fabulous, have you ever heard about Facial Jade rollers?

It is a tool made of Jade (Pounamu) which is used to massage the face, improving the skin circulation and works as facial drainage.

The Jade roller is a great ally to help people who usually wake up with a swollen face, because it will stimulate the skin circulation and help to drain the fluids that cause the swelling, providing a feeling of immediate relief, improving the appearance on the eyelids and dark circles.

That said, be aware that this is not a miracle tool and there's a lot of misinformation in the media about its effectiveness.

Contrary to what many people think, and a lot of sellers advertise, the Jade roller does not stimulate collagen, nor does it attenuate wrinkles, dark circles and does not leave the skin lusher.

You can use it in your skincare routine because it's effective to help with the absorption of your facial moisturiser and Vitamin C based products.

To achieve better results, you need to make constant use of the roller and the right way to use it is to always move from the bottom up. ⠀

The larger side is for massaging more extensive areas, such as cheekbones and forehead, and the smaller roll is for more delicate areas such as the eyes and dark circles. ⠀

Here goes a tip to obtain an even more efficient result: keep your roller in the refrigerator! This will provide a greater freshness sensation and the cold temperature helps to reduce the swelling.

Be glamorous. Be savvy. Be Glam Savvy!

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