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The dos, don'ts and whys of Glam Savvy

Since Glam Savvy is new to most of you and many of you have some questions about the platform, in this first blog post, I would like to explain to all of you exactly how Glam Savvy works.

Glam Savvy is a simple and transparent booking platform focused on the beauty and wellness industry and we help the businesses that partner with us to attract new clients to their least busy time-slots and help our clients to be savvy about glam without breaking the bank. Beauty clinics list their available time-slots for the upcoming week and you choose the service you would like to do and book it for that specific day. You pay a booking fee for Glam Savvy and pay for your treatment directly to the beauty clinic on the day of your appointment.

We don't charge the beauty clinics any commission and the booking fee paid on the website goes toward growing the business, expanding to new territories and getting more businesses on board.

Glam Savvy is a platform that benefits both beauty clinics and users and the rules we have in place are to make sure this is always in place.

That's why you can only book for the upcoming week and why you are not allowed to book with the same beauty clinic within a month and the 50% off is only for the service booked through the platform.

The deal is always the same: you pay a $5 booking fee and get 50% off on the service offered on the website. It's not a voucher and you don't need to call them to check availability. Simple as that!

If you like the concept and would like to support local businesses, be nice, be on time, respect the rules and make the most of it!

In our blog, we will talk about beauty and wellness tips, of course, but we will also share the story of the amazing people behind the businesses offering you our Glam Savvy deals.

Be glamorous. Be savvy. Be Glam Savvy!

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