The Glamorous lady behind Glam Savvy

Hi fabulous people,

Susana here, Glam Savvy's founder, and I would like to share with you a bit about myself so you can understand why I founded Glam Savvy.

I live in the beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand, but I am originally from Brazil.

I came to New Zealand a few years ago just for holidays but on the first day of the trip I met a kiwi guy at a pub, fell in love with him and ended up moving to Queenstown a year later.

Back home, I worked for 10 years as a doctor, a psychiatrist, and when I moved to New Zealand, I went through a career change and started a wine tour company in Queenstown (Queenstown Winery Tours).

All that has been pretty exciting, but needless to say this change meant no more doctor's salary...

Like most Brazilian girls, I always liked to look glamorous and loved doing all sorts of beauty treatments myself, which we all know, are not cheap.

In Sao Paulo, where I am from, beauty clinics used to run 50% off specials on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when they were usually quieter, to attract clients and when I moved to Queenstown I was trying to find out if there was a similar concept here.

Being new to town, I didn't know where to go and that took me to Google, to find out if there was a website where I could find all the beauty deals available here and I was quite disappointed to find out that such website didn't exist.

That was the moment I decided I wanted to build this website!

I believe everyone deserves to look good and feel good and, as a psychiatrist, I always understood the importance that beauty and wellness rituals play on our mental health.

And this is why I founded Glam Savvy!

Because I believe beauty and wellness should be accessible to all of us and we should all be able to treat ourselves without blowing the budget.

Do you remember the kiwi guy I met at a pub? His name is Mat and he is the founder of a company called First Table, whose business model was my inspiration to Glam Savvy.

I hope you enjoy all the amazing deals you will find on my website and that during your pampering session with one of our talented beauty therapists, you feel inspired to tackle any adversities you might be experiencing and turn it into a great opportunity!

Be glamorous. Be savvy. Be Glam Savvy!

Me and that kiwi guy who made me move to the other side of the world ❤️

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